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Low Voltage Wire

Bear Communications can handle all your low voltage wiring needs!

Low voltage wiring is the glue that holds communications together.  Voice networks, data networks, surveillance systems, and audio/video devices all use low voltage wire as a backbone for information transfer.  Bear Communications is an expert in the design, implementation, and support of all these types of cable.



Cat5 Network Cable


Cat6 Network Cable


RG8 Cable

Bear Communications has the tools and expertise to handle many types of low voltage wire including Cat5 Ethernet, Cat6 Ethernet, Audio/Video Cables, HDMI, RG8 (standard cable), and RG59.  We are masters of design and can tackle any size job from wiring an entire enterprise to installing an HDMI input in your conference room.  Contact Bear at (716) 676-3539 to discuss your needs.


RG59 Cable


BNC Connector


Keystone Jacks

Why Choose Bear?

1. Extensive experience in design, planning and installation of low-voltage wiring/cabling.

2. Good understanding of the regulations, codes and standards for low-voltage wiring installation.

3. Access to proper tools, materials and skills to undertake your low-voltage wiring project and deliver the installation quickly and efficiently.

4. Up-to-date knowledge in other related areas including video conferencing, VoIP installation and computer/data networking, signalling and routing.

5. Troubleshooting expertise to keep your network running smoothly.


Bear Communications provides competitive advantages to your business by delivering advanced low-voltage wiring installation services. Our goal is to ensure that your computing network, surveillance system, and voice network meets your business demands, in terms of reliability, security and scalability. Bear Communications can help you achieve this objective with extensive knowledge and expertise in voice and data equipment, voice and data cabling, maintenance and service. We can also offer advanced network design and systems analysis through our sister company - StangTek Services - to provide a truly comprehensive solution.  


Keystone Faceplates


Speaker Wire

Call us today to schedule a free consultation!  Bear Communications - Connecting Your World!